The idea for HOPE OF TOMORROW project was born in the midst of a cold and gray Berlin winter, with the lockdown regulations making it impossible to enjoy life as we knew it: people were working from home, kids could not go to school or day care, there was nothing happening except Netflix.

It’s all about HOPE!

What gave us HOPE was the thought of a mass vaccination: we imagined our life going ‘back to normal’ once people took the vaccine, so we wanted to inspire people to do exactly that using a series of paste-ups to be put around Berlin, showing scenes of social life we have all missed and were longing for, presented inside a giant syringe.

As galleries were closed, the only place to exhibit our works was literally the street, and wishing our art works to be taken seriously by the authorities and not removed right away for everyone to see them, we have partnered up with some businesses and institutions who agreed to host them.

How the project changed over time

The problem came with the works featuring syringes, a negative symbol of the medical establishment, power and authority, creating even darker associations with abuse and addiction. As a result, we had to put the giant syringe idea aside and focused on the scenes from social life, minimizing the appearance of syringes not to cause too much controversy. After all, this project was supposed to be something positive, something that gives hope and inspires optimism.

The intention behind the project

A cynic would say that the guys RON MILLER just wanted to use a ‘hot topic’ to promote themselves. This is actually not the original intention behind the project. Our original intent was to use the street as an art gallery to place our works at, because everything else was closed and not available. Another idea was not only to give people hope and confidence, but also to inspire a positive change.

The truth is, in the end of last year, we were very upset about the corona pandemic and we vented our anger and frustration in the Finger Series that we have prepared for an art fair in Munich. This body of work was made featuring our characteristic Geisha, FUCK FAME, and the middle finger, in a powerful and rebellious statement against infringements on our personal and collective freedom. You can read about that in this blog post.

What is the main message?

With HOPE OF TOMORROW, we wanted to move away from negativity and focus on HOPE as the driving message. To make this message stronger and more powerful, we would like to invite other artist to join the project, making their own contributions on the topic, in the medium of their choice.

What are the future plans?

The project HOPE OF TOMORROW will run throughout the summer and will culminate in an exhibition of the same name in Berlin around September’s time. We hope by this time, many artists will join this cause and make their art works available under the slogan HOPE OF TOMORROW!