HOPE OF TOMORROW: an art project that sends messages of hope

How has the pandemic altered our lives and what will the future look like?

Urban art duo RON MILLER answers these questions in oversized canvases and paste-ups spread throughout Berlin. Other artist around the world are invited to join the project that will be documented online (website & social media) and culminate in a physical exhibition HOPE OF TOMORROW on September 17-24, in Berlin.

This one week exhibition will showcase chosen artists providing them an opportunity to show and sell their works (80% goes to the artist), meet and network with guests, with costs of production, marketing, and PR covered by RON MILLER

Exhibition Topic Explained

No event in recent history has brought our lives out of balance as the corona virus pandemic.

Although vaccination programs and the relaxation of the lockdown regulations in summer time are making our lives more enjoyable for the time being, complications and challenges arise with new variants threatening to destroy our hopes of going back to ‘normal life’ any time soon.

A Call to Artists

HOPE OF TOMORROW has an aim to connect and bring international artists together, creating a physical space to exhibit and to sell art, to network, and to envision the future of the arts.

The artists will be selected based on the strength of the concept behind their works.

The Exhibition

The group exhibition will feature 15 selected international artists in a show organized and publicized by RON MILLER, with art collectors and members of the press invited alongside regular art lover audience. The exhibition will take place in Berlin on September 17-24, 2021. Location: TBA.


This call to artists is open for submissions until August 15, 2021. Applicants should complete a short questionnaire (below) with photos of works attached electronically, sent per email.


All artists working in any medium are eligible to apply. Only applications that come before the deadline August 15 will be considered.

There are no restrictions on the artist’s nationality/residency, however artist must be able to take care of postage costs when selected to partake in the exhibition.

Entry Fee

There is no fee to apply.

How to Apply

Artists who wish to participate in the HOPE OF TOMORROW exhibition should complete the Questionnaire below and send it to us together with 2-5 photos of the works, per email.

Application Questionnaire

  • Your full name/s and your place of work and residence
  • Short Bio and a Portfolio is optional
  • Artist Statement for the work submitted
  • Website & social media links
  • Can you take over the costs of posting the works to the exhibition?

Posting Works to the Exhibition

When the time of the exhibition arrives, all items should be sent to:

Ron Miller GmbH, Heynstraße 15, 13187 Berlin.

Applicants must ensure that their art works are delivered to Berlin by September 6, 2021.

Applicants must ensure that their unsold works will return back home after September 24, 2021.

Selected to participate in the exhibition artist must pay for posting their works

Submission Guidelines

Applicants must carefully read the terms and conditions.

Submissions which fail to comply with our guidelines will not be considered.

Applicants must cover the costs of the works traveling to Berlin and back home (shall they not sell).

There is no fee to enter and no cash reward.

Contact us and submit your applications together with photos of your works