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  • RON MILLER’s new Geisha series At INCorporating Art Fair Hamburg 26 – 29 August 2021

RON MILLER’s new Geisha series At INCorporating Art Fair Hamburg 26 – 29 August 2021


RON MILLER is presenting its new Geisha series at INCorporating Art Fair in Hamburg under the name “Finding Harmony amidst Chaos”

This series is composed of 4 works: CMYK Geisha, Two-faced Geisha, Two-legged Geisha, and Kimono Geisha. This is a prescribed order in which the paintings are to be presented, viewed, and understood

It all starts with CMYK Geisha.

CMYK stands for the 4 basic colors used in printing: cyan, magenta (slightly reddish in our case), yellow, and black. On the first glance, the Geisha seems standing there calmly, yet looking closely one notices that her facial features have been distorted and merged together into a dynamic shapeless form. Her simple corporeality is presented with clear and confident brush strokes, yet her seemingly complex mentality is disheveled, as reflected by the CMYK lines covering the body of the painting. The lines have a constantly changing feel to them, alluding to the printing lines produced by the machine after one changes its configurations.

The painting next to it is the Two-faced Geisha

The Geisha’s body is split into two equal halves, each one with a life of its own. The halves do not seem to connect well together, aside from featuring slightly different stylistic elements and costumes. The left half with a cool tone in the background, shows half a smiling face icon with hues of yellow in the Geisha’s dress, speaking of happiness and joy The right half showcases a robe with predominantly red color put against orange backdrop, pointing towards anger and frustration. It seems that two opposing forces are at play, splitting the Geisha accordingly.

Now comes the Two-legged Geisha

While it may seem normal to have two legs for any given body, this Geisha clearly has two legs that do not belong together. Just like the Two-faced Geisha, this Geisha is cut in the mid-section, presenting two possibly complementary opposite aspects of her being. While the warmed-toned half is wearing a mini skirt and a corset, with an erotic reference, the cool-toned half is covered by a robe, featuring smiling icons and prudence. What unites the two is the idea that both halves seem to belong to a machine, as implied by the electric cords/currents around the Geisha.

The Kimono Geisha ends this series

What is striking about her is that she is both whole and orderly, emitting a sense of peace, harmony and transcendence. She has found her way towards balance and symmetry, framed by a kimono that seems to fly around her, reminding one of the wings of an angel. While her eyes are covered, she nonetheless gives an impression of trust and wisdom.

Final thoughts

Collectively, the paintings in the series present in themselves a process of transformation: from chaos and uncertainty to order and trust. While reflecting on the inner states of the two given artists during various stages of the pandemic, they tell a story that is universal and applicable to anyone. We all carry in us opposing forces and aspects of our psyche, just not all of us manage to find peace and balance, and even then, definitely not for very long. As our lives continue to develop and circumstances change, we all are faced with the task to adjust accordingly.

INCorporating Art Fair Hamburg
Hall 3 // Booth 7

We are looking forward to seeing you at the booth if you are in town. Ronny Kindt and Marcus Klüh aka RON MILLER are present at the art fair and are both available for interviews. For any kind of press requests, please get in touch via hello@ronmiller.de