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  • RON MILLER’s Christmas Sale (Part of the Profit Goes to Charity)

RON MILLER’s Christmas Sale (Part of the Profit Goes to Charity)


RON MILLER, an urban concept art duo from Berlin, is running a special Christmas Gift Market where you can pick a piece of art that fits the most your personality or that of the person you are buying the gift for.

3 Paintings That Your Readers Would Love to Get Under Their Christmas Tree

It’s Holiday Season in the times of corona virus pandemic, so how is it different from the previous years?

For One, we are happy to get out of this year’s crisis alive! And perhaps we had a little more time to stop and re-think our lives, relationships, work and ways of doing things.

Which brings us to Two, we are probably stuck this year at home with friends and family, instead of sipping a coconut drink on some exotic island. That in itself might be good or bad, depending on how you look at it 😊

So, Three, we are now looking for gift ideas to pacify or show how much we appreciate these people we are stuck with together, for better or worse. A piece of art could be just that perfect Gift Idea we’re looking for!

Check out some of the examples below and maybe you are inspired to visit our website and write a little story about our project. The art works are offered at discounted prices, with FREE shipment in the EU. 30% of the profits will be donated to https://care.org/ that saves lives, defeats poverty, achieves social justice, and fights for women and girls.

Happy Festive Season and Much Love
RON MILLER aka Ronny & Marcus

For any questions or inquiries please contact hello@ronmiller.de

Smoke Geisha: Sadly we must admit that both of us are smokers, even though we know it is a nasty habit. In this piece we neither celebrate nor condemn smoking, we just accept it as a part of our life. This piece is dedicated to everyone who has struggled with guilt, shame and negative self-talk when it comes to smoking. Acceptance, not giving-up, is for us the path towards real change.

-> Perfect gift idea: for all these people who struggle with bad habits and guilt

Tree Geisha: The TRIP series are dealing with our longing for home and simpler life in a country juxtaposed with our drive to explore the world through travel and cosmopolitan city adventures.

-> Perfect gift idea: for landscape painting lovers and lovers in landscape paintings

Monumenta II: We might have as well called her Femme Fatale. She is that dangerous seductress that you know you should run away from, but instead you are drawn to her like a magnet. She is attractive and dangerous, and a short yet passionate romance with her could cost you your life.

-> Perfect gift idea: for the femme fatale you have survived