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  • RON MILLER x Temel Nal Collaboration At Monaco Art3F Fair 27 – 29 August 2021

RON MILLER x Temel Nal Collaboration At Monaco Art3F Fair 27 – 29 August 2021


RON MILLER and Temel Nal are presenting their joint works for the first time

On the first look, the most obvious idea behind these collaborative works is to combine two seemingly very different styles and mediums into one piece of multi-disciplinary art: Temel Nal’s abstract photography and RON MILLER’s urban inspired paintings.

Yet, digging deeper into the concept behind this collaboration, one discovers its philosophical and spiritual origins.

The resulting in the collaboration 3D works use this specific combination of artistic expression to make a statement about the nature of reality and a place of a human being in it.

This specific combination of styles blends the physical and metaphysical realms, with Temel’s works representing the undefined, illusive, emotional, and spiritual aspect of the manifested and material figure of the Geisha. The Geisha is what we can see, recognize, with an impulse to touch, the rest of the work is ‘suspended’ in an alternative reality, in the world of vibrations, emotions, subtle energies, and spirits.

The works in the series imply that we all are made of these two aspects: the physical (material, gross) and the metaphysical (emotive, spiritual). What we can see with our eyes does not give us a full picture, instead we rely on some intuitive knowledge about what is really in front of us and how to understand, approach, contact, or touch it.

This dualistic approach is of course influenced greatly by Asian philosophy, with the Geisha creating a direct link her Japanese origins and Shinto religion. The Shinto believes center on the idea that the natural world is full of supernatural entities or spirits.

Monaco Art3F Fair 
Stand 104

We are looking forward to seeing you at the booth if you are in town. Ronny Kindt and Marcus Klüh aka RON MILLER are available for Zoom interviews. For any kind of press requests, please get in touch via hello@ronmiller.de