‘Wandelism’ (a play on the German word Wandel, meaning ‘change’, and vandalism) is an exhibition that opened on 17 March. The property in Berlin-Wilmersdorf was demolished just eight days later. A small number of Berlin street artists used this as an occasion to put together an exceptional project. More precisely, an exhibition of highly diverse forms of street art. 90 national and international artists were given free reign at a 2,000 square metre space in the former workshop. There was not a room that went unused. Even the toilets played host to the goings-on. There was nothing locked off and nothing curated; everything was simply wild and unharnessed. This is exactly where RON MILLER did its thing. Since people knowingly give up most of their privacy through social media, RON MILLER took this concept to an extreme and installed security cameras in ‘Fuck Fame Style’ in the building’s toilet. The result was that the 200 x 250 cm toilet became an accessible, usable work of art with a topical, socially critical background.