With their latest exhibition, “TRIP”, RON MILLER continue the journey which began with “MAD & BED” at Bikini Berlin. Now, their taking “TRIP” to The Grand at Alexanderplatz, Berlin. In cooperation with AusserGewöhnlich Berlin, the artists opened the new Club 1842 HEIMAT BERLIN on August 23, 2019 with a big bang.

“TRIP” completely focuses on the topic of “Heimat – Home”. It’s about the closeness to home, the artists’ new home of Berlin and the yearning for security as well as secrets. The exhibition also explores the urbanization of home, homesickness and, at the same time, the advantages of living in a city.

In addition to the exhibition, RON MILLER have also designed new labels for The Grand’s new selection of wine.

“TRIP” will be on display until October 31, 2019.