Pop-Up Art Exhibition

RON MILLER shows Urban Art in the Pop-Up Store of MARCELL VON BERLIN in Frankfurt

Located on Goethestraße in Frankfurt, the Berlin Urban Art Trio RON MILLER starts its exhibition “FFAME” with more than 30 unique artworks. The three RON MILLER artists were invited by street couture designer MARCELL VON BERLIN. Among other things, RON MILLER focuses on iconic fashion pieces from famous fashion designers, which they interpret in their own way. Until end of May 2019, art lovers will have the opportunity to view paintings and installations on the upper floor of the pop-up store in Frankfurt.

As the recurring theme of RON MILLER, the focus of attention will be the Geisha. She embodies the first love, who is now going unknown paths. In each artwork the Geisha slips into different roles. In addition, the motto “FUCK FAME” (FFAME), and the duality between being seen and observed, are also subjects of the exhibition in Frankfurt. Having its origins in the Street Art scene, RON MILLER combines different stylistic devices such as paste-ups, graffiti and painting. Extraordinary installations give the exhibition in Frankfurt a finishing touch.