Parookaville Festival

Taking place at a former British Royal Air Force base, this three-day-long electronic dance music festival in Weeze, Germany, served as just another playground for RON MILLER. Packed with a constructed table and swing for the DJs’ VIP area, the two artists headed to Parookaville. On site, both of them were so thrilled by the set up, the crew and the festival ground, that they decided to put up another 3 gigantic Geishas (3 – 5 meters) and 10 Geishas in DIN A0 onto one of the stages and other spots on the festival.

The artworks’ theme “Steam Punk” perfectly matched this inspiring place. Despite shaking hands, hurting knees and assembly-line-like work, the RON MILLERs pulled through with complete dedication. They are super excited for next year’s Parookaville!