KUS Kultur-Späti

June 2018 saw the opening of the KUS Kultur-Späti nearby Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain. The KUS Kultur-Späti is a location that is a bit different from the other Spätis in the city – it showcases urban street art in a gallery-cum-bar atmosphere, making it an example of the lifestyle that Berlin’s Spätis have established. It is a space where established artists and newcomers can meet. The ever-transforming Ron Miller geisha, omnipresent in Berlin, appears true to form on the Kultur-Späti’s façade as a paste-up paying tribute to fashion in 1920s Berlin. With a black dress and colourful fur coat combined with garters and fishnet stockings, the Berlin-based urban art collective addresses the paradox of Berlin: the geisha embodies the cosmopolitan style created by an urban, hedonistic way of life in tandem with the cultivated maturity gained in a city without borders.