Artbase Festival

Moving from one „lost place“ to another, artbase is a festival that connects urban free spaces with urban art. At artbase, urban art meets places that have already been claimed back by nature. Offside concrete buildings, bridges, car parks, and metros, the festival creates it’s own world that slows down and inspires at the same time. On three days, art lovers experience live acts, DJs, fascinating videomappings, interactive art installations, live-paintings, dance, performances and theatre as well as over 150 street artists‘ work. Artbase is authentic, unbiased and creative. Revealing, bold and uninhibited – just like RON MILLER is.

This year’s artbase took place at a former psychiatry in Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, located at the lake Domjüch. RON MILLER put up a life sized geisha paste-up in a building, that formerly was a women‘s dormitory.

Alongside RON MILLER, street artists like Parisurteil, El Bocho and Bona_Berlin were taking part in this year’s artbase.