• Hugh Jackman

    Hugh Jackman

    Hugh Jackman has been one of RON MILLER’s favourite actors for quite some time now. When he was in Berlin for the premiere of ‘The Greatest Showman’ in January 2018, the boys seized the opportunity to give the ‘Wolverine’ a token of their appreciation. In the video you can see how visibly delighted the Australian was to receive his personalised, 70 x 100 cm large ‘Singing in the Rain Geisha’.
  • Boss Burns

    Boss Burns

    Music plays a huge role in the RON MILLER creative process. Sometimes a band such as ‘BossHoss’ doesn’t just play in the background of their atelier but also serves as inspiration for new images – especially when band member Alec Voelkel is also known to be a great street art fan. The meet and greet between ‘Cowgirl Geisha’ and ‘Cowboy Alec’ took place without much ado in the RON MILLER atelier. The 30 x 40 cm painting was a gift and now in turn probably provides inspiration for BossHoss.
  • Gerard Butler

    Gerard Butler

    The RON MILLER boys have been great fans of Gerard Butler ever since ‘300’. When the opportunity arose to meet him for the New York premiere of ‘Den of Thieves’, the artist collective read up beforehand on Butler’s life so that they could create a work of art tailored to him. Even though he was at first a little irritated at seeing ‘FUCK FAME’ written across it, he was visibly fond of the ‘Love Scotland Bunny Geisha’.