They make art. And would like to change everyday life with art. Objects, toilets, containers, spaces, walls, canvases… What they see is charged with their own projections. What you see from them is for your own emotions and thoughts. With heart and feelings, we present to you our version of everyday life. Are they changing the world for the better with it? They don’t know. But they are making it a bit more aesthetic, with personality and a lot of heart. It’s just the same style they’ve always presented: simply unfiltered, honest, and always searching for a new outstanding coup.


RON MILLER. It’s Marcus and Ronny. What once began as a true friendship in a village in the countryside of Brandenburg has quickly become a dynamic art project. Things that they see are tackled head-on. And changed. For a while, it was motorcycles, and later it was images of homeland. Elevated, for example, with an urban tennis sock-wearing hipster moose. And, finally, it’s the well-know RON MILLER Geisha: On paste-ups and canvases from Berlin to Frankfurt, she is always seen assuming a different role. Just as the artists would like to be seen now. Under their motto “FUCK FAME”, they have made a name for themselves in the urban art community, staging sets at various clubs in the Berlin techno scene to their own taste, and sent one sculpture or another on photoshoots as far away as Japan.


Whether it’s the RON MILLER Klo at the urban art exhibition WANDELISM or the fashion pop-up gallery on Goethestraße in Frankfurt: Inspired by street art, they have developed a style using a variety of techniques. Still, their instantly-recognizable fingerprints prevail across both screens and installations: their graffiti tag combinations, their special lacquer and brush techniques, and the typical RON MILLER delivery. Their holistic approach and space-specific adaptations to individual iterations distinguish their artworks from their peers. The duo’s career and artistic practice are definitionally multidisciplinary—they put space, objects, and whatever crosses their paths in a new context. Their technical and experimental curiosity ensures that the two autodidacts are always on their way to something new!