Mix three backgrounds with one vision and create a mission, that is bigger than “Houston, we have a problem”, more fantastic than “My Precious!” and louder than “We will rock you”! Three guys from Germany have a passion for crazy painting design. Forget “WTF!” or “holy shit ” and enjoy something beautiful, something sophisticated, like the new “Mona Lisa” created by: Marcus, Nico and Ronny. They put their experience in psychiatry (over 10 years), in graffiti (over 20 years) and as a designer (over 15 years) together And spit a new mix between high professional painting, stencilling and messing around with colors and feelings. A geisha is born. So raise your hands and say hello to RON MILLER.


RON MILLER is an urban art collective based in the center of creativity, the hometown of “Bears & Beards”, the capital of trends, Berlin. Marcus, Nico and Ronny have their roots in classical graffiti, writing and design. The aim of the crew is to bring their skills into their art and to create a new style, that expresses “berlin underground meets asia overflow”. They establish a new cross between painting & stencilling and accomplish an unseen view of creativity – like small blue drips on the artworks, symbolizing the artists tears.


“The first love is almost always a love for a life. In thought, in the heart, in a mind.”
Often you think about your first love and live with this beautiful memory or maybe you became an artist to express all your feelings or even better a street artist to let the whole world participate. That is what happend to a Berlin based crew called RON MILLER which has a great impact on the street art and urban art scene in Berlin, Germany and other countries. Since a one-night-stand long long ago with a girl from Japan a member of RON MILLER is to this day in love with her. Like every guy who is in this situation he still asks himself: What is she doing now? Who is she? What is her life at the moment? He has only one picture of her which the crew combines in ever changing contexts. The question is always: What happend to my first love? The geisha is consequently a symbol for the remembrance of lost lovers. RON MILLER takes it for granted that everyone has such an experience.

„What is your first love story?“