COVID-19 Effects on Artists


2020 was a difficult year!

The COVID-19 pandemic was the most impactful happening of the year (2020) as it affected the lives of every single person on our planet, directly or indirectly. Almost everyone suffered losses in some way or the other, be they related to health, family members, finances, meaning, or personal freedoms.

Most artists are freelancers and have been hit the hardest

Most artists we know have been seriously affected: the free scene has been hit the hardest. While established cultural institutions continue to receive support from the government, the majority of artists who are freelancers are left to their own devices, facing serious existential issues.

Art goods are not traded as eagerly

Since  many have suffered financial losses, people had to cut down on their spendings on non-essential goods. Moreover, due to government imposed measurements to minimize the spread of COVID-19, art shows, exhibitions, performances, and other events that are designed to bring art producers in contact with art consumers, are not allowed to take place, making the exchange of art products further impossible.

What can an artist do?

Artists don’t start making art to become rich and if an artist can live off their art, they are considered lucky. In fact, most artists have to find additional ways to support themselves and their families, often having to work full/part-time aside from engaging in their art-making activities. It is not an easy life to begin with, and in the times of a COVID-19, many artists have to reconsider their professional choices. Sadly, some might not be able to continue making art for the time being.

What can you do to help?

If you are not an artist yourself or if you are an artist who has been lucky and priveleged, why don’t you support an artist in your life: a family member, a friend, a colleague, or someone you know of and have been following for a while? There are many ways you could help: by buying their art, by offering work opportunities or collaborations, by making an introduction or a connection to someone else who could.

Can you imagine a world without artists?

What kind of a world would it be? Would you like to be apart of it? Post COVID-19 world might be like that.

Remember that you can do something to help, and that whatever you do will have an effect, not only directly on the person you support, but also indirectly on the community at large.