FUCK FAME Explained


FUCK FAME has been with us since the beginning. We approach the subject of fame with irony, not condemning nor glorifying it. Coming to terms with the concept of fame is just a part of our modern life.

People are obsessed with famous people

Humans have always been obsessed with famous people, gossiping about them as a way to stay in the loop about what was happening. Until very recently, most famous people were of two types: experts and leaders. The experts offered valuable information and innovative ways of doing things in the fields pertaining to their expertise, while the leaders took charge of governments and institutions to make decisions on behalf of the rest of the people.

Celebrity culture is a Western phenomenon 

In the recent dacedes, we see the rise of the so-called celebrity culture, where people become obsessed with the personal lives of public figures who usually come from acting, politics, fashion, sports and music. This obsession shows itself the most in the media and social networks, who report the details behind famous people’s lives such as where they live, whom they date, what they eat, what they wear, where they go on a holiday, etc. Consumer brands have picked up on this trend and since the 90s celebrity brand sponsorships became common place. These days, famous people can make millions from brand affiliations and selling their fans and followers to companies.

Being famous comes with the positive and the negative

Being famous on the one hand gives a power and an authority over others: many people pay attention to who you are, what you say, and what you do. Some people even try to emulate you: to be like you, to look like you, to say and do the same things that you do. Famous people set trends and fashions, there is no doubt about it. And recently, being a celebrity can make you into a billionnaire (think Kylie Jenner).

On the other hand, being famous makes you a type of a slave to your own fame. Once many people know and watch you, they pay attention to your every step and they very often want something from you when they see you: be it an autograph, a selfie, or an advice. Some crazy fans or haters can even stalk or attack celebrities. As a result, you have to watch your every word, your every step, you have to cover up or hide when you go out, you have to publicly apologize if you said or did something ‘wrong’.

Anyone can become famous these days, including for the wrong reasons

These days, where social media is so widely used and smartphones can document anything at any time, leaving a digital footprint for anyone to access, we all can fall victims to the concept of fame: anyone can become famous instantenously, including for the wrong reasons, like doing something stupid or embarrassing, something you would regret being famous for later in the course of life.

In the end, each of us has to decide individually how much fame we want and can live with. Being famous  allows us to spread a positive message, and it is a responsibility we should not take lightly.